Each frame has its own fabulous and individual patina. No two frames are identical. The patina comes from a mixture of three things; its age, the amount of care it was given whilst in use and the various coats of paint it received during its lifecycle.

Nail holes, various degrees of rusting and oxidisation also add to the patinas. Unfortunately it is not possible to order a specific colour unless you visit our workshop. (And at any given time we hold a stock of around 30 sheets)

Frames can be polished, varnished, oiled or left in their naturally weathered state.

They are finished with either a wire to hang on walls or a stand for table tops

To see more examples of our finished frames in three styles:

  • classic (one undulation of corrugate iron)
  • double classic (two undulations of corrugate iron)
  • flattened (hammered corrugate iron)

Visit the showcase.