The corrugated iron is found at scrapyards in Khayelitsha, demolition companies and some pieces just arrive at my workshop door.

Each frame is hand made by artisans in our Woodstock workshop. Frames are all metal; the four sides of each frame are woven together using thin strips of metal and then fold pressed on each corner. Clips to hold the glass are woven onto three sides, using corrugated from the same sheet, so that the colours are harmonious.

(It was whilst I was living in Madagascar that I fell upon the idea of developing a corrugated iron frame and it was thanks to a local craftsman who taught me how to weave metal that this design finally materialised.)

To my knowledge, this is the only workshop of its kind in the world.

We employ two artisans who can produce approximately 20 frames a day, depending on the size. Maximum order is 100 frames, unless prearranged.

To see more examples of our finished frames in three styles:

  • classic (one undulation of corrugate iron)
  • double classic (two undulations of corrugate iron)
  • flattened (hammered corrugate iron)

Visit the showcase.