Corrugated iron lighting. A sculpture by day. A silhouette by night.

Simple, flat shapes cut from weathered, beaten, corrugated iron. A sculpture, showing off its stunning patina by day and a back-lit silhouette by night. Each silhouette is hand cut with a hammer and screwdriver, then a straight grinder is used to remove burrs and redefine any subtle shapes.

It is polished and re-polished to bring out the beautiful weathered natural colours of age. It’s unbelievable how metal, as opposed to wood, ages. Every colour under the sun can be found in their unique patinas. The finished silhouette or sculpture can then be prepared for use on table tops or as wall units by adding a metal stand or attaching wall mountings. Finally a shelf for candles or a 25 watt halogen light fitting is attached to the back of the silhouette.

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